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Corporate Commercial

Banking and Finance

We advise on a wide spectrum of banking and finance products.

Our experience ensures that we are fully familiar with the complex legal issues that surround banking and finance transactions and we provide our clients with valuable legal advice.


Commercial and Corporate Finance

We have extensive experience acquired from international law firms and through working with listed companies, providing practical and innovative legal skills. Our lawyers have advised financial institutions and international matters such as primary and secondary issues of securities (including listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange), takeovers and other mergers and acquisitions and other regulatory matters.


Our experience will help you complete your transactions in a smooth, efficient and timely manner.


We also act as general counsel in general commercial matters and assit in the roll-out of start-up businesses, fund raising, and operational matters.


Hostile Takeovers

Hostile takeovers are about speed and stealth so that the parties being taken over are not aware of what is happening until it is too late. In addition, after the takeover, the target must continue to operate continuously without harassment from the ousted parties.


We have advised on a number of hostile takeovers and advised on the protection of assets and ensuing continuation of the target's business with limited hindrance.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are often all about speed and stealth, otherwise a deal may fall through as quickly as it was envisaged.

We have advised on hostile takeovers, where the takeover process must be effectual from the first instant to ensure that the purchasers take control of their targets immediately.

Our knowledge and expertise in this area will ensure that any merger or acquisition that you anticipate be done speedily and effectively, whether hostile or otherwise.



We have extensive experience on a wide range matters relating to the People’s Republic of China, ranging from setting up representative offices, foreign direct investments to employment matters.

With our knowledge and network of associations in China, we will be able to serve all your China needs as you expand into the magical kingdom.  

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